"RocknBlues at it best"

"RocknBlues at it best"

Upcoming Gig Calendar:

Thurs. Oct 11th, 2018 "Piper Glenn Golf Course" Ill.Rte 4 Chatham Illinois, 6-pm-9pm

Sat. Oct 6th, 2018 "Kuhl Tyme Korner" Lincoln Square, Jacksonville IL. Morton Drive, 8pm-12pm

Wed. Aug 22nd, 2018 "James Armstrong presents-Bluesmattic" The Alamo, 200 N 5th St. Springfield IL. 6pm-9pm

Sun. Jul. 15th, 2018 "Hand of Fate Brewing Company" Downtown Petersburg IL. 2pm-5pm

Sat. Jun. 30th, 2018 "Brewerz Pub" Main Street, Thayer Illinois 6:30-10:30pm

Tues. Jun 12th, 2018 "Coz's Pizza Bluesday Tuesday" West Wabash Springfield Illinois 6pm-9pm

Sun. May 27th,2018 "Korn Krib" Latham Illinois 4pm-8pm

Sat. May 12th, 2018 "American Legion Jacksonville" 903 W. Superior Jacksonville Illinois 7pm-11pm

Sat. Mar. 17th, 2018 "Danenberger Winery DFV" 12341 Irish Rd. NewBerlin IL. 62670 5pm-8pm

Wed. Mar. 14th, 2018 "James Armstrong Presents-Bluesmattic" The Alamo, 200 N 5th St., Springfield, IL. 6-9pm

Thurs. Feb. 15th, 2018 "The Trading Post" 731 South Dirken Dr. Springfield IL. 8-11pm